Anthony J. via Google

“A few years back my wife’s left ear became completely deaf even after major consultation/testing. She was told they could not help her. She began to speak louder in conversations, said “what?” much more often and even had problems walking a straight line. She suffered with this for about a year until one day we went to the Big E and saw the Earmaster booth. The staff there was very pleasant and offered a free testing though she was very hesitant as she thought she knew the answer. She sat, they tested, some computer tweaking… then they spoke to see her expression as the tears rolled down her face was touching. Now 2 days before Thanksgiving she lost it due to many mask removals. She was very devastated. Amazingly enough Dariana & Wendy was able to have another one made and delivered on Thanksgiving eve after store hours. They sacrificed their prep time so Debra could enjoy Thanksgiving with her family. Have you ever encountered such great customer service? And the charge for the new Aid was literally a fraction of the original price so Merry Christmas to us too. We are so grateful for your kindness and professionalism.”