Jame M.

“Several years ago I had been told by Medical Doctors and testing facility staff that nothing could be done to help my hearing at the stage I was in, then I learned about your products and decided to make an appointment. I was so impressed that he would not accept payment until I agreed that I was satisfied, I decided to take you up on your offer to “Try” the “Comfort Ear” hearing aids. Not only did the “Comfort Ear” prove them wrong, at present, I cannot live without these hearing aids

Because I had lost 90 percent of my hearing in one ear and 70 percent in the other. I thought I would only needed one hearing aid. However! I decided to take you up on your suggestion, that I try two and it made all the difference in the world. In my position at the local School Board office, it is essential that I hear what’s going on around me at all times.

I owe it all to you and your “Trial Program” for helping me hear again. I hope this letter will help others who may be hesitant to try your hearing aids, to give them a try. It may help to improve the quality of their lives. I know it made all the difference in the world to me.”